Benefits of an Open Floor Plan

Here is why you should consider an open floor plan renovation.

Open floor plan

As a general contractor in North Shore, Il, we hear it all the time: “we want an open floor plan!” You don’t have to move into a new space to get the open space you’re craving – you can renovate the home you are already in! Here is why you should consider an open floor plan renovation in your home:

They Give the Illusion of More Space

Less walls means the space is less constricted and contains less visual barriers. Knocking down a wall or two can make a big difference in making a room seem bigger and more inviting.

Open floor plan

Entertainment Purposes

When guests are over, it’s easier for the conversation to flow naturally when the space is open. Constricting, closed-off spaces make it hard to carry on the conversation if someone goes into a different room. Even if you’re cooking in the kitchen, you won’t miss a second of conversation.

Open floor plan

Safer for Kids

Open floor plans make it easy to simultaneously cook, clean or do other tasks while also keeping an eye on the kids. Because there’s only one room, supervision is a breeze.

Open floor plan

Natural Light

Of course, windows will let in a ton of natural light, but with an open floor plan, the natural light will seem even brighter because it won’t have to reflect off multiple walls. There’s only one wall separating you from the outside world, so soak in the sunlight. If it’s too bright, curtains make a quick fix to improve both privacy and darkness.

Open floor plan

If you’re looking for a general contractor in North Shore, Illinois to help you with home renovations to create an open floor plan, reach out to Leader Builders today. We’re happy to help get you the room of your dreams!