Green Technologies to Include in Your Next Home Remodel

Go easy on the earth and your wallet with these tips.

One of the best parts of utilizing our general contractor near the North Shore area of Il for your remodel is the possibility of incorporating green technologies into your new space. It’s no secret that green technologies are becoming increasingly popular in the world of home renovations, and at Leader Builders Corp., we are fully embracing this trend! Especially if you have a large family, energy bills can quickly add up. Here are some green additions to keep in mind during your next remodel.

Green Water Heaters

Did you know that you use a lot of energy when you heat your water? When you install solar water heater, the sun will produce the majority of this energy to turn your water from cold to hot, which will save you money in the long run. With a tankless water heater, only the water you need will be heated, and not a drop more. Our general contractors in the North Shore, Il area have the experience to guide you on whether a green water heater is right for you and your family.

A Rooftop Wind Generator

Chicago is called the Windy City for a reason, so you should take advantage of all of the wind the city has to offer. We will help you determine what size is best for your space, and before you know it, you’ll be saving money on your electric bill and simultaneously helping Mother Nature.

Double-Pane Windows

Just as Chicago summers are extremely hot, Chicago winters are extremely cold. To combat this, consider talking to our general contractor in the North Shore, Il area about double-pane windows. These will keep the wanted hot and cool air inside of your home instead of allowing it to escape through the cracks.

If you have questions about other green technologies you can incorporate in your next home remodel, contact Leader Builders Corp. to get started!