What Home Renovations Have the Biggest Impact on Your Home?

Some home renovations pay off more than others.

Remodeled house

Whether the end goal of your renovation is to add value to your home’s resale value or to simply create a new space for you and your family to enjoy, some home renovations pay off more than others. At Leader Builders Corp., our general contractors in Chicago can guide you in the right direction to ensure that you are putting your money into home renovation projects with which you will be happy. From architectural drawings to the finishing touches, our professionals are here to help.

A Home Addition

Home additions are a great option to increase the amount of square footage of your home. We specialize in second floor home additions, single-story and two-story extensions, and dormers. Home additions are especially useful for growing families who are currently outgrowing their space but don’t want to leave their home. At the end of the day, the bigger your home, the more valuable it will be, especially in a city like Chicago.

A Remodeled Kitchen

Having a functional, updated kitchen is a great space to bring your family together. If your kitchen remodel is complex, that is something that our general contractor in Chicago specializes in! Leave it up to us to handle kitchen remodel projects that involve permits, drawings, multiple rooms and coordinating multiple trades.

A Master Bathroom

An updated master bathroom provides a level of elegance and luxury that improves any home. During the renovation, try to include aspects like a double sink and a spacious shower. This will make future buyers interested in your home.

Let us turn your home renovation dreams into a reality! Contact Leader Builders, Corp. today to get started.